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Business philosophy

Goldroad Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, for the domestic first with a rapid proofing to mass production of printed circuit board manufacturers, the company's shareholders and important executives are all over the industry for more than 20 years of elite, the product are widely produced in the note Computer. peripheral products & memory card and all kinds of electronic modules & optoelectronics & Netcom information, and so the global customer applications, product line integrity and sustainable development.

Chairman's request

Metamorphosis Gold Road


Deep plowing customers

Sound operation

All employees adhere to

  • Respond to customers product design and continue to develop research.
  • Participation and rapid customers service development needs.
  • Humbly review the design to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Implement the social responsibility of production and product safety.
  • Build efficient team feedback to customers and employees.
  • Sustainable development and maintenance of the interests of the industrial chain.

Set up factories in Taoyuan. Guieshan began production of double-panel-based


Guanyin plant into the production of precision multi - layer plate scale


Through the International Standards Organization ISO9002 certification


Expand production capacity to buy Guanyin industrial zone construction


Through the United States UL qualified manufacturers


Received international certification ISO9001: 2015 certificate


Corporate Social Responsibility

GoldRoad Electronics for the multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturing company, to provide customers with better service and the implementation of technology-oriented business philosophy, we are committed to:

  • Comply with international norms and the government decree and environmental protection granted by the government, and the responsibility of the citizen of the enterprise.
  • Maintenance and protection of employees rights. health safety, and establish a happy enterprise benchmark.
  • The implementation of environmental policy, taking into account the growth of enterprises and green, to achieve the goal of sustainable development.
  • To comply with business ethics and respect for intellectual property rights, counseling suppliers to achieve social responsibility standards.

APPA issued a certificate of good manufacturers


NUTEK awarded the Enterprise Quality Award


Awarded by the Government for Excellence in Enterprise

Honor and

Was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs of small and medium enterprises demonstration factory


Awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Management Performance Award




Company Organization Chart